Glass ceramic
Borosilicate glass
Borosilicate tubing
Tempered glass
Dichroic glass
Vycor glass
Uvilex glass
Level gauge glasses
M3 Mirror glass
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Optimal solutions
Outstanding products
Our major resource:competence
Our major asset : innovation
Always on top : our customers
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Optimal solutions :

LE VERRE INDUSTRIEL ET OUVRÉ Inc is supplier of special glass, specialized in cutting, polishing, edge work, sandblasting (all shapes, logos, etc…), screen printing, drilling, glass tempering, and glass production.

Outstanding products

· Glass ceramic Robax
Maximum working temperature : 750°C
· Borosilicate glass / Borofloat V.I.O IS THE EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTOR IN FRANCE
Maximum working temperature : 490°C
· Float Glass
· Tempered glass
· Borosilicate tubing
· Vycor glass / Quartz
· Uvilex filter
· Water-white glass
· Dichroic tubing & glass
· Level gauge glasses
Maximum working temperature : 300° with mica 320°


Our major resource:competence

With over 65 years of experience, our company has always offered its clients the answers to their growing sophisticated needs. These requirements had us always a step ahead in the latest technology knowledge and investments, which demand high control over the processes.

Our major asset : innovation

With the strength of experience, our company is constantly dedicated to research and development to innovate new products in cooperation with its clients.

A strong partnership with SCHOTT products and the exclusive rights for France of BOROSILICATE BOROFLOAT SCHOTT Glass, guarantees the latest technologies within the glass domain and its treatments.

The V.I.O. plant is situated in the town of Revin, in the Ardennes. It uses the latest automated equipment, sophisticated machinery digital and manual controlled , allowing complete control over the manufacturing process : cutting, sawing, drilling, sealing, polishing, toughening, sandblasting, screen-printing, grinding and allow polished, rounded, sealing,…

Always on top : our customers :

Your satisfaction is our primary goal. Strong ties between us start long before the delivery of our products.
Our Sales Department is endlessly taking your needs and wishes of improvement at heart.
The success of the V.I.O. team relies on reactivity and efficiency. These values supply you with highly customized service and fast delivery.

Business contact


ZI Des Richardets
13, rue du ballon
93165 Noisy-Le-Grand Cedex France

TEL : + 33 (0)1 43 03 78 81
FAX : + 33 (0)1 43 05 64 55

E-mail : V.I.O@wanadoo.frr


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