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ROBAX® is a transparent glass ceramic with a very low thermal expansion. ROBAX® can be produced in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Technical properties

Flat other dimensions can be cut upon request.

Maximum surface area : 2000 x 1100 en 3, 4 et 5 mm.

Angular bent 2 angle :135°.
Standard dimension 520 + 222 + 222 x 505 (height).

Angular bent 1angle 90°
Dimension max : 760 + 245 x 580 (height).
.For curved and for other dimensions can be cut upon request.


ROBAX® is offered in the following thicknesses:
Flats : 3,4 or 5 mm ± 0,2 mm.

Angular bent and curved : 4 mm ± 0,2.

Flat, Angular bent or curved tolerance
· length < or = 550 mm : ± 1,0 mm,

length > 550 mm : ± 1,5 mm.

Finish condition
Flat : with cut edges.

Angular bent or curved : ground edges.

· Non-distording frames should be used. If slight distortion cannot be avoided, a suitable permanently elastic gasket must be used to prevent the distortion of the frame being transmitted to the glass ceramic panel.

· Direct contact between glass ceramic end metal ( or other hard elements of construction) must be avoided. As an insert between the glass ceramic and the metal we recommend permanently elastic heat-resistant materials such as mineral fibre materials.

Basic guidelines
The different thermal expansion of ROBAX and the various frame materials together with possible manufacturing tolerances must be taken into account when sizing frames and panels. Direct contact between glass ceramic end metal ( or other hard elements of construction) must be avoided.

If it is necessary for design reasons to use compression fixing of the panel in the frame, the pressure must be applied uniformly ( never unevenly or at individual points) around the periphery of the panel.

Resistance to thermal gradients and to thermal shock
normal usage, ∆ T 700 K.

Coefficient of mean linear thermal expansion
at (20-700°C) : 0 ± 0,3 X 10-6K.

Coefficient of mean linear thermal expansion
Short-term usage : 700°C.

Long-term usage : 800°C max.

2,56 g/cm3

Modulus of elasticity
E :92kN/mm².

Chimical properties

Acid resistance (DIN 12116)
classe 2

Alkali resistance (DIN 52322)
classe 2

Hydrolytic resistance (DIN 12111)
classe 1

Use only non-caustic, non-abrasive cleaners

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ZI Des Richardets
13, rue du ballon
93165 Noisy-Le-Grand Cedex France

TEL : + 33 (0)1 43 03 78 81
FAX : + 33 (0)1 43 05 64 55

E-mail: V.I.O@wanadoo.fr

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